Development history of titanium industry

In 1791,the English priest W.Gregor discovered a new metal element in black magnetite.In 1795,the German chemist M.H.klaproth also discovered the element when studying rutile and named it after the Greek god Titans.In 1910,American scientist M.A.Hunter first reduced tici with sodium to produce pure titanium.In 1940,Luxembourg scientist W.J.Kroll reduced TiCl with magnesium to produce pure titanium.Since then,magnesium reduction method(also known as krauer method)and sodium reduction method(also known as hunter method)have become industrial methods for the production of sponge titanium.In 1948,the United States produced 2T sponge titanium by magnesium reduction method,which has reached the scale of industrial production since then.Subsequently,Britain,Japan,the former Soviet Union and China also successively entered industrial production,among which the major titanium producing countries are the former Soviet Union,Japan and the United States.
Titanium is a new metal.Because of its series of excellent characteristics,it is widely used in industrial production such as aviation,aerospace,chemical industry,petroleum,metallurgy,light industry,electric power,seawater desalination,ships and daily living appliances.It is known as a modern metal.Titanium production has a history of only half a century since 1948.It is an emerging industry developed with the aviation and aerospace industry.Its development has experienced several ups and downs because titanium is related to aircraft manufacturing.But generally speaking,the development speed of titanium is very fast,which exceeds the development speed of any other non-ferrous metal.This can be seen from the development of sponge titanium industry all over the world:the production scale of sponge titanium was 60kt/A in the 1960s,1lokt/A in the 1970s,130kt/A in the 1980s and 140kt/A in 1992.The actual output reached the highest level in history in 1990,105kt/A.
After entering the 1990s,the market was weak in the previous years due to the reduction of military titanium and the sale of sponge titanium in some countries such as Russia.In 1995,the titanium market began to recover,mainly due to the significant increase in the amount of civil titanium such as B777 and golf clubs.In 1996,the demand for titanium reached a new high.Experts predict that the demand for titanium will continue to increase significantly in the next few years.At present,the main reason hindering the application of titanium is its high price.It can be expected that with the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of titanium production process,expanding the production capacity of enterprises,improving the management level and further reducing the cost of titanium products,it is bound to open up a wider titanium market.


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