Sponge titanium

Ilmenite(tife03)is smelted into high titanium slag(Ti02)by 6300KVA electric furnace,then coke is added in the chlorination furnace,chlorine gas is passed to generate crude titanium tetrachloride(TiCl4),then separated by tray,vanadium is removed from copper wire to become refined titanium tetrachloride,and then enters the reduction distillation combined furnace,magnesium is added to restore the original to generate sponge titanium and magnesium chloride,which is recycled by electrolysis to generate magnesium and chlorine,and the generated sponge titanium is broken and packaged before leaving the factory.
1.Particle size
The particle size of sponge titanium is determined after crushing and screening,and is supplied with two particle sizes of 0.83mM~25.4mm 90%min and 0.83mM~12.7mm 90%min.
The product shall be light gray sponge metal with clean surface and no visible inclusions.The number of defective sponge titanium blocks in products(except grade 5 products)shall not exceed 0.1%of the total batch of products.Defective sponge titanium blocks refer to overburned sponge titanium blocks;Titanium oxide sponge block with obvious dark yellow and bright yellow;Oxidized and nitrogen rich sponge titanium block with dark yellow and bright yellow marks;Sponge titanium block with obvious chloride residue;Sponge titanium block with residue;Sponge titanium block of high iron and its associated elements.
The products are packed separately according to the net weight of each barrel(piece)of 75kg~250kg.The packaging barrel is galvanized iron barrel,which is lined with plastic film and sealed with a large-diameter cover.After the product is packaged,the barrel must be evacuated and filled with argon.


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